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According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), nine out of ten house hunters initiate their buying experience on the Internet. Twenty-five percent admit that online real estate photography led to the acquisition of their current house.
Second only to price, quality real estate photography is the most important part of selling a home. It has never been more important to portray property in a visually aesthetic light that serves to promote its best assets.
Homes that are professionally photographed:

  • Receive an average of 61% more views than their peers across all price tiers.
  • Stay on the market an average of 10 days less.
  • Sell listings 39% closer to list price
  • Generate 118% more online views

At DMCS we understand real estate photography.
It is a surprisingly influential tool and has the power either to lure in potential buyers or drive them away. We can help you use it to capture a location’s personality and showcase its true character. Doing so is the key to a timely and profitable transaction.
We are local, professional photographers with more than 20 years of industry experience. We understand that being responsive is vital to your business and offer lightning fast turn-around. We can deliver your super high quality images and videos, within 48 hours and as fast as 24.
Let us help you impress your clients and reduce your sales cycle.
Contact us today to book your shoot!

Real Estate Photograph Pricing

Our pricing structure is set up in a simple three-tier system with our only adjustments being a result of increased square footage or faster turnaround. We won’t try to upsell and add-on until your final price is unrecognizable, nor do we charge more for doing the same work for you at a different time of day. We offer the same attention to detail for all of our clients at every level and spend the necessary time to make your clients home look its very best.

Tier one is set at $150 for homes up to 3000 sq. ft., and includes interior and exterior shots taken at your preference; morning, afternoon or dusk. We deliver the necessary number of images to showcase a homes character and finer points. We do not set our pricing by imposing a cap on images at any of our price points*

Tier two comes in at $250 for homes up to 3000 sq. ft. This includes interior and exterior shots, as well as aerial stills taken with our drone to capture more dramatic images of a homes exterior.

Tier three is offered at $350 and includes the same great features as the previous two tiers but opens up the options of adding video to your marketing tools. We provide up-to two minutes of edited and processed interior video, exterior aerial video or a combination of both.

Prices include all post processing work and a sub 48-hour turnaround. We understand that faster production is sometimes necessary and will happily deliver your images to you in less than 24 hours for an additional $25.

*We deliver the necessary images to ensure both your and your clients satisfaction. That said, we place quality ahead of quantity and, while we capture many images of each space, we hand select the very best for post-processing, production and delivery. An average number of useful shots is anywhere from 15 to 30 polished images. Our prices are set with this average in mind.

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