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Choosing David Martin Creative places a full team of veteran professionals at your service. Each member of our diverse crew boasts over two decades of client-service experience, ensuring that we offer not just expertise, but a wealth of knowledge in every project. With our retainer relationships, you gain comprehensive access to our entire ensemble, allowing us to offer you a full suite of services tailored specifically to your needs, or support you in just a single project. Whether you need holistic solutions or targeted assistance, we’re here to bring your vision to life.


Shaping unique identities through strategy and design to create memorable experiences and build customer loyalty.

content development

Strategically creating and curating content to educate, engage, and inspire target audiences, driving brand objectives.

lead generation

Implementing targeted strategies to attract interested prospects and convert them into leads, boosting business growth.

Graphic Design

Combining art and technology to convey messages visually, enhancing user experience across digital and print mediums.


Using the power of photography to tell stories, capture emotions, and create lasting visual memories across genres.

Video production

Crafting engaging stories with video to captivate audiences, from conceptualization to final edit, for various platforms.

Website Development

Designing intuitive, visually appealing websites that provide seamless user experiences and effectively convey brand messaging online.


Creating persuasive, compelling copy that engages audiences, drives action, and elevates brand messaging across platforms.

Email marketing

Leveraging targeted email campaigns to nurture leads, build relationships, and drive conversions with personalized, impactful communication.

Steve Willis, CFE

"I have had the privilege of working with David and his team at multiple franchise brands over the past several years. Their ability to grasp your vision, make solid recommendations and execute is outstanding. I highly recommend David Martin and continue to rely on his company for our strategic and creative design, PR, photography, video production and a valuable overall marketing strategy partner."

Darin Hicks, CFE

I highly recommend David Martin and his team at David Martin Creative Services to any franchise organization looking to promote its brand and enhance its recruitment of prospective franchisees. I have relied on and collaborated with David at multiple franchise brands aimed at streamlining and elevating our franchisee recruitment, and his contributions have been invaluable.

David's approach combines creativity with practical strategies, making his services uniquely effective. His team excels in crafting compelling narratives and visual content that resonate with a brand’s target demographic, significantly improving engagement and response rates. Under his guidance, I have seen a noticeable improvement in the quality of prospective franchisee candidates. I trust David.

What sets David apart is his deep understanding of the franchising industry and his ability to adapt his strategies to meet specific client needs. He is not only a strategic thinker but also a hands-on creator who ensures that all aspects of the marketing campaign reflect the core values and strengths of his clients.

I am confident that David Martin Creative Services would be an asset to any franchise system looking to attract and engage potential franchisees. David’s expertise and dedication are sure to yield outstanding results for your recruitment efforts.

Bill Poce

As Director of Marketing at InXpress USA, a major 3pl franchise organization, I worked extensively with David Martin and his team at DM|CS. They provided high-quality graphic designs, developed complicated forms, and produced creative content for ads and other communications. Their deliverables were on target, professional, and effective. His team was very responsive and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them.

Bill Poce

David Handler, PCC

"I worked with David many times over the years at franchising conferences I produced. He is creative, professional and dedicated. Often (read: every time) I asked him to photograph/videotape evening events with quick turnarounds for 8 a.m. general sessions. He never said a word about working late into the night and always delivered a great product. I knew I could depend on him and never once worried he wouldn't come through."

Angie VanTassell

"I have worked with David Martin on a number of occasions. He is a professional designer of the highest integrity, providing solid, creative solutions for his clients. He is deadline driven, flexible and reliable. Further, David is a personable, genuine person who is enjoyable to work with and an all-around great guy to know."

Kristen U. Cole

"David is wonderful to work with from start to finish. His products are professional and creative, and he's willing to work with his clients to ensure the end-result is exactly what is needed."

Kathryn Holdridge

"David comes up with creative solutions for budget minded projects and can turn them around and deliver not only on time - but ahead of schedule. Great work with web related collateral."

Douglas Young

"I have had the pleasure of working with David Martin since assuming my position with MedInsights. David is an extremely talented and creative graphic design professional that has been able to deliver great results under extraordinarily tight deadlines. David has not only been an invaluable asset through his work on our marketing collateral, but has also been a tremendous resource in developing more appealing sales presentations to reach our target market. I highly recommend David Martin and continue to rely on his company for our ongoing creative design needs."

Jeff Martin, TcED

"David is a fantastic individual with a great work ethic. An expert in his field, David brings integrity and great ideas to every project. I highly recommend David for any internet-based and/or public relations-related project. great photographer also! Thanks, David for everything that you have helped the Town of White Bluff accomplish."

Paul Jankowski

"My agency hired David to update our website with a CMS system. David's team did an excellent job in suggesting options, designing unique elements and building a highly functional site. Our site is what prospective client's use to assess our capabilities so it's extremely important that it positions us properly. David did an excellent job in delivering on what he promised in an efficient and cost-effective way. I highly recommend him."

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